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Consultation. Treatment. Follow up Appointment Ongoing Support. All included in one service cost

Book in with Carol May

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Hello and a very warm welcome.
You have visited because you have decided to start your skin journey. You have decided that now is the right time for you and that's the biggest step taken. The rest we can do together and I very much look forward to being part of your journey.
We need to discuss your concerns and goals. This can take place over the telephone, by video link or during your consultation with me.

My passion is skin and I want you to love yours. 

Get in touch and let me help you. I get almost as excited as you do once you see your healed results.

Browse through the clinic services and if you require something specific and it is not on the treatment menu then do contact me and I'll do my best to help or refer on. 


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Fast Growing

Stubborn Lesions & Warts 

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